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Super hip with your little one!

This stylish car tensioner (with name) is made of wooden, crochet and silicone beads. Because of the bell and the ring that hangs on the carriage tensioner, it makes a soft sound especially for your baby.

➝ If you don't agree with the color combination, ask us via whatsapp.
➝ Look at our instagram page for more color inspiration.

* CE-Certified EN 71 
* About 42 cm, making it compatible for almost all cars! TIP: Measure this length with a string on your stroller. Still longer or shorter? Note this in the comments.

* The wooden beads are made of untreated beech wood FSC.
* The silicone beads are BPA free & tested according to the European safety standard.
* Do not attach the clip to too thick fabric, there is a chance that the clips will become 'lame'.
* The composition of the carriage tensioner can changeif the length of the name is longer than 6 letters. This is to stay within the maximum length. We always try to keep the car tensioner style!
* We ship this car tensioner in a linen storage bag.
* Prefer no name? Net N/A in the name box.

Attach the clips to the edge of the hood of your pram.
Do you have a thicker edge on your pram hood as with the Joolz prams, then attach the clip just behind the thick edge to the fabric or to the special loops.

Safety Regulations
- Although your little one will eventually reach for the carriage tensioner, a carriage tensioner is not a toy. Therefore, always use it under supervision.
To prevent the child from getting entangled and hurt, remove this carriage tensioner when the child begins to crawl on all fours.
- This carriage tensioner should only be used under supervision and should be checked for damage and wear before each use

Suitable for babies from 0 - 6 months.