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[TIP] Choose a matching pacifier clip with the color bead: 'Oud Roze'.

The Bibs pacifiers are beautiful! This Danish company has been making the best pacifiers for 40 years.

They are made of 100% natural rubber and are BPA free. The round shape of the shield is specially designed not to irritate your little one's mouth.

  • Available in size 1 (0 - 6 months) & size 2 (6-18 months)
  • 100% free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.
  • Conforms to European standard: EN 1400 + A1
  • Shell diameter: 4.5cm
  • The advice is to use the pacifiers for approx. 6 - 8 weeks. After that it is best to replace them. Due to the suction of the child, a natural rubber pacifier quickly deforms
  • NOTE: the bibs teat is made of natural rubber. It is important that you carefully read the enclosed user manual. Natural rubber can wear out and expand through use, which is why it requires different maintenance compared to a silicone pacifier. Clean the bibs teat in a bowl with boiled water (put it in for 5 minutes) or pour it over with boiled water. The service life of the bibs teat is 4-6 weeks and must then be replaced.