Wagenspanner met naam

Car tensioner with name

At Babyzus you can design and buy a special stroller tensioner with name for your baby! All our carriage tensioners consist of wooden, crochet and silicone beads. Also, every stroller tensioner that you can buy from us has a ring and a bell that makes a relaxed and soft sound for your baby. We sell this product in every style and color. So you can always buy a pushchair tensioner that fits your pushchair exactly! You will find various examples on our website, but you can always contact us to design a handmade car tensioner yourself.

Design a car tensioner with name

Would you like to design your own car tensioner with name instead of buying a ready-made accessory? That is certainly possible with us! For example, give this personalized product as a maternity gift to your colleague! If you are going to design your own car tensioner with name in our webshop, it is possible to choose your own colors. You also choose whether you want to add an extra bead with a symbol or constellation on it. All our pushchair tensioners are approximately 42 centimeters, so they fit almost any pushchair. If this does not fit your pushchair, you can always indicate this with your order, so that we can make the pushchair tensioner longer or shorter. You can also easily attach the clips to the hood of the pram, so that you do not lose the accessory. As the online specialist store for baby accessories, we also sell other items, such as nice cuddly toys in different colors for your child. You can also design a teething ring with us .

Contact us if you want to buy your own car tensioner

In addition to buying a personalized pram tensioner, you can also have a matching key ring or a pacifier clip with name designed at Babyzus. Our products are of the best quality and safe, because they are tested and certified in accordance with European guidelines and the Dutch Commodities Act. So order your safe and handmade car tensioner with name from us now! For more information, email your questions to info@babyzus.nl or contact us by sending a WhatsApp message send to 0616070715. We are happy to help you!