Wooden letter board

A wooden letter board from Babyzus is a special gift for a family where a baby has just been born. This gift is handmade from natural and beautiful wood. This makes each board unique, each wooden board has its own color with its own grain pattern and knots. With this wooden letter board in the shape of a moon you will receive a sheet with letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols that you can easily attach to the board.

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Wooden letter board

A wooden letter board is a unique gift to record milestones

This wooden letter board fits into the interior of every nursery. Moreover, you can adapt the board to your taste by choosing letters in a specific color. You can choose from white, silver, gold and copper. With these letters you can give your baby's milestones a place in the room. You will find several products with us that indicate special moments. You can also buy a birth board from us on which you place your child's birth announcement or ultrasound photo. Do you always want to carry your baby with you? Then it might be a nice idea to buy a bracelet with your baby's name .

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In addition to a wooden letter board, you can buy various baby products from us that are made of wood, such as a brush set for your baby . In our range full of baby must-haves you will find all kinds of nice products that you can buy for your baby yourself, but can also give as a gift to a pregnant or loved one who has just given birth. Order now and your products will be shipped within one to two working days. Do you have any questions about certain articles? Send us an email at info@babyzus.nl or a WhatsApp message at 0616070715 .