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Gemstones set especially for the strong woman

Amethyst – Moonstone – Tiger's Eye

charset="utf-8">Top quality hand cut gemstones. The size and/or shape of the gemstones are different, between 20mm & 35mm


This stone is one of the most famous gemstones & a real powerhouse.

Color: Purple
Find place: China

  • Exudes peace & pure tranquility, dispels negativity
  • It provides a lighter head, both in less headache, and less thoughts
  • Is purifying & protective
  • This stone will list your feelings & help you with emotions, traumas and special moments

Helps with falling asleep (and staying asleep) & fewer nightmares  

Moonstone radiates feminine energy & supports all events a woman can experience.

Color: White /pink
Find place: Madagaskar

  • Increase your intuition & receptivity
  • Fertility
  • Helps with hormonal imbalance in menopause, menstruation & pregnancy
  • Helps with falling asleep (and staying asleep) & remembering your dreams

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Tiger's Eye
This golden brown hero strengthens perseverance, optimism & decisiveness.

Color: Golden brown
Find place: South Africa

  • Balance, Yin-Yang balance
  • Gives energy
  • Protective against negative influences
  • Attracts prosperity
  • Brings concentration & focus

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    Use of gemstones:
    The way you handle crystals (gems) is very personal. Place your gemstone on an altar in the house, meditate or put your gemstone under your pillow for a good night's sleep. As usual when working with gemstones, let your intuition guide you.

    Cleaning your gems
    Gems give off energy, so they can become exhausted. It is therefore important that you care for them with love & warmth and that is why you should also clean and charge them. Clean every new gem you bring into your home, except when you get them from a loved one or as a gift! Use your intuition when cleaning your gems, they will tell you when they need a 'boost'. There are many different ways of cleaning; treat with salt, the smoke of burning wood, water, moonlight & earth.

    READ HERE in detail how to work with gemstones & the ways of cleaning!

    Gemstones only have a supportive effect and are not a replacement medicine. They work as a 'stone in the back'. Do you suffer from complaints? Always consult a doctor. We share our knowledge and give advice from our own experience, but this can work differently for everyone.