Tiger eye | Gemstone bracelet for men

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Tiger's Eye Gemstone Bracelet. Unique Father's Day gift for the stylish man. This bracelet represents protection, luck, prosperity, success and self-confidence.

Attracts luck, prosperity and success.
Increased self-confidence.

Golden tiger eye  has a protective and grounding effect and brings harmony and balance. It attracts luck, prosperity and success. It strengthens (self) confidence, self-insight, courage, perseverance, decisiveness, optimism and a sense of self-worth. It makes creative and productive, helps concentrated work and encourages action. This makes it a good stone to wear during study, exams and practical projects. Tiger's eye has a supportive effect on fears, phobias, nightmares and overstimulation. Physically, the stone has a stabilizing, anti-cramping and analgesic effect. It has a positive effect on the endocrine system, the nervous system, the reproductive organs and fertility, the stomach, the gallbladder, the spine, the eyes, the respiratory tract, the throat, colds, asthma and hyperventilation.

- Made of extremely strong elastic
- 3 month warranty.
- Average men's size: Wrist circumference: 18/19cm. (Larger size? Please put this in 'comments' with your order)
- The meaning is included.
- Will be shipped in a flannel storage bag.

Gemstones only have a supportive effect and are not a replacement medicine. They work as a 'stone in the back'. Do you suffer from complaints? Always consult a doctor. We share our knowledge and give advice from our own experience, but this can work differently for everyone.