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White Agate gemstone bracelet with a special meaning.

Stimulates fetal/embryo growth
Accepts pain relief (during delivery and afterwards)
Reduces nausea (during pregnancy)
Stimulates milk production

White Agate a good stone to wear during pregnancy (for both mother and child). This is because the stone has a protective effect, stimulates growth and has a beneficial effect on the uterus. In addition, it has a positive effect on the bladder (for example, in case of cystitis). Especially the white Agate is very suitable to wear during and after pregnancy. It protects, relieves pain, counteracts nausea and stimulates milk production.

- Made of very strong elastic
- Beads are 4mm.
- 3 months warranty.
- The average bracelet size is size S. Is your wrist narrower/larger than size S or M? Please note your wrist circumference in the comments.
- You will receive the bracelet incl. meaning and in a flannel storage bag.

- Charm material: Antique silver, rstainless steel
​- Jewelry with gold/silver charms unfortunately do not like water.

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Gemstones only have a supportive effect and are not a replacement medicine. They work as a 'stone in the back'. Do you suffer from complaints? Always consult a doctor. We share our knowledge and give advice from our own experience, but this can work differently for everyone.